We Want To Manage Your Property!

We are the property people who value your business and care about managing your property. Managing a landlord’s property is what we are passionate about. Property Management is a core part of our business, and regardless if you have one property or a whole portfolio, we dedicate significant resources to ensure every landlord receives attention to detail and the best possible service from our experienced team.

Finding the best tenants is our aim, which includes pricing your valued investment property correctly to ensure multiple enquiries. With so many of our buyers being interstate investors, we provide a comprehensive property management service. This fully computerised procedure includes rent collection supported by fully itemised statements, with monies transferred electronically to your nominated bank account. Our success in providing and managing good tenants is just part of being a complete real estate office, and is a major contribution to our success.

Our philosophy is to be pro-active, to ensure you, your tenants and property is taken care of with the utmost attention to detail. Our aim is to maximise the rental return of your property by leasing to the best tenant for the maximum market rent, plus provide an ongoing comprehensive and efficient property management care and service. And, very, very, importantly, we offer you really competitive fees!


Why Hire a Property Manager?

To put it simply, an effective property Manager should prioritise two factors of the management of your rental property.  To prolong a quality tenancy and to help maximise the returns on your investment.  They should want to work with your tenants when challenges arise, and they should want to minimise risks you are exposed to.

Property managers effectively manage the tenancy relationship and relevant tenancy matters on behalf of the property owner.  Engaging an agency to manage your property allows an independent party to liaise with your tenants, also allowing you to regain your time.

SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT – Your tenancy will be managed by an agency where all staff are familiar with your property, your tenants and your personal requirements.

PROACTIVE COMMUNICATION – We understand the important of constant communication.  Our office policy is to return your calls and emails within one business day.

STRATEGIC MARKETING – We keep your vacancy periods short and stress free by setting the right rent and running highly visible marketing campaigns.  We have the capability to conduct multiple open home inspections even out of business hours.

MAXIMUM RENTAL RETURN – We are property investors ourselves, and understand you want the maximum return from your investment.  By examining comparable properties, property conditions and the rental market, we maximise your returns, while protecting and growing your investment.

STRINGENT RENTAL ARREARS – We take rental arrears seriously.  To ensure your payments stay up to date, we engage with your tenants at all times, especially at the beginning of the tenancy.  We outline the tenants requirements and obligations.

DETAILED PROPERTY INSPECTIONS – The condition of your property has a direct effect on the returns you receive.  We provide you with a detailed Entry Condition Report at the commencement of a tenancy.  You will receive routine inspection reports providing detail on how your tenants are caring for the property, suggested improvements, preventative maintenance and repairs.


Property Management services can be broken down into the following:

  • Evaluation of your investment property
  •  Marketing your investment property
  •  Conducting open homes
  •  Screening Prospective Tenants
  •  Managing the tenancy
  •  Managing Routine & Emergency Maintenance
  •  Tenancy renewal and negotiation
  •  Routine Inspections, Entry and Exit Reports and Inspections
  •  Payment of bills and invoicing for owners.
  •  Termination of a tenancy Accounting for your investment property
  •  Understanding and acting under legislation


What to look for in a good Property Management Company:

  •  Their ability to communicate, responsive and provide a high level of service
  •  People skills, promptness and prioritisation
  •  Conflict resolution skills
  •  Knowledge of the local rental market
  •  Proactive rent payment and arrears processes
  •  Focused on long term tenant retention and low vacancy rates
  •  Are they able to offer full service using current technology
  •  Regular routine inspections with thorough reports
  •  Thorough tenant selection processes