When you’re renting, it’s important make the place feel like it’s your own. Part of making a rental property feel like it’s your own, is looking after the property and keeping the place in great condition. Keep reading below for our top tips on looking after your place to make sure you feel at home, while keeping your landlord and property manager ¬†happy.

Keep things clean and tidy

Make sure you keep your place feeling clean and fresh by regularly fixing any marks or holes in your walls, wiping dusty surfaces, vacuuming and mopping your floors, and putting away your dishes. Spending a little bit of time each week to do these jobs around the house will help your living space feel clean and fresh at all times.

Keep the bathroom clean

Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t need to take all day, especially if you’re keeping it clean throughout the week. Make sure you wipe down any marks off your vanity and vanity mirror, shower screens, and toilet each day so dirt doesn’t build up. If you have a shower screen that has stubborn watermarks, try using Shelley bathroom cleaner or a specialised cleaning solution to remove the marks. Wiping down your shower screens regularly with a squeegee will also keep watermarks from staining your shower screen.

Keep the garden presentable

If you have a yard and garden at your property, make sure you take some time each week or minimum fortnight to cut the grass, water the plants and get rid of any weeds in the garden beds. Spending a little time regularly to do this will save you hours of hard work tidying up overgrown and unruly plants.

Don’t forget about the range hood fan and air conditioner filters

It can be easy to forget about cleaning your range hood fan and air-con filters when they’re tucked away out of site. Keep your range hood fan cover clean by removing it and gently washing it with warm soapy water every couple of weeks. To clean your air conditioning filters, remove the filter covers and get rid of any dust and dirt build up before placing them back into the unit.

Let the fresh air inside

If you’re out of the house at work all day, your home can often feel stuffy and stale because the windows and doors have been closed all day. When you’re home and the weather is fine, leave your windows and doors open for a couple of hours each day to let fresh air into the property.

Following the steps above regularly will help keep your place in top condition and will make your living space feel clean and fresh at all times.